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Mar 27

A Brief Hiatus

Hello, offended listener! Due to circumstances outside of our control, we’re going to have to take a brief break from speaking Shakespeare at you once a week. Don’t worry, though! We promise it will be brief! We’ll be back in a month to finish out Love’s Labour’s Lost and continue forward in our quest for …

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Mar 07

Love’s Labour’s Lost Part II

Happy Wednesday Offended Listener! Today we bring you Par 2 of Love’s Labour’s Lost. We discuss the common folk of the play and how  they compare the the Nobles. We talk about Shakespeare’s first “Wit”. We also discuss the Bard’s “Dark Lady” and digress a little into the sonnets. As Dani promised, here is the …

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Feb 27

Love’s Labour’s Lost Part I

It’s Wednesday and that means a new episode for you, Offended Listener! Today we begin with Part I of our series on Love’s Labour’s Lost.  This is Dani’s favorite play penned by her man Will, but Mike found it to be mediocre with a good mix of strong parts and a few really weak parts. In …

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Feb 21

The Comedy of Errors Part III

Happy Wednesday, Offended Listener! Today we complete our journey through Greece with our final installment of Comedy of Errors. Within, we discuss the city of Ephesus, the conclusion of the play and our overall opinion of it. Thanks for listening! -Dani and Mike Offensive Shadows Comedy Part 3 In preparation for this series of podcasts …

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Jan 30

The Comedy of Errors Part II

Happy Wednesday, Offended Listener! Today we continue our journey through Greece with part two of our series on Comedy of Errors. Within, we shall discuss marriage, lack thereof, a strong relationship between sisters and women in general within this play. We have also managed a special treat for you; the countries scene! Two out of …

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Nov 18

Coming Soon!

OffensiveShadows_v3 red only white bkgrnd scaled

Here you will find the latest and greatest episodes of Offensive Shadows.  In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for our first broadcast.  We’re starting at the beginning with Shakespeare’s first tragedy: Titus Andronicus. -Mike and Dani