Jan 24

The Comedy of Errors Part I

It’s another Wednesday* release, Offended listener!

Today we bring you part one of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Unlike our last piece The Taming of the Shrew, Comedy is a play that holds up very well to the sensibilities of modern audiences. Our heroes found it to be an amusing tale of mistaken identity, love, and marriage.

Unfortunately, we viewed the BBC version to research for this podcast and it was awful. Shame on the BBC for producing such a flat production of what otherwise is a vibrant, vivacious play. But from our suffering take this wisdom: instead of ever subjecting yourself to this snoozer, we suggest you try the Stratford Collection’s production (here at Amazon). They do cut a fair bit of text and add some musical numbers, but trust us, anything is better than what we saw. There is also an RSC version directed by Trevor Nunn (and with Judi Dench as Adriana! Squee!), but it is only available in region two format. If you can combat this problem, Dani had heard great things about this production. Alternately: leave your cave and see some theatre! Comedy really is a great play and you should try to see it in person.

Thanks for Listening!

-Dani & Mike

Offensive Shadows The Comedy of Errors Part 1

In preparation for this series of podcasts we used the BBC version of The Comedy of Errors. You can find the DVD on Netflix or here on Amazon. Like we said above though, don’t do it. Find a live version or check out the Stratford Collection’s production.

Internet Shakespeare Editions has the first folio text of Comedy here.


Readings by Angelo Calderone, Lisa Dakak, Gavin Fishman & Jennifer Tofel

Theme Music by Matt Rosvally

*Ok… it’s not Wednesday, but that’s Mike’s Fault.

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