Feb 21

The Comedy of Errors Part III

Happy Wednesday, Offended Listener!

Today we complete our journey through Greece with our final installment of Comedy of Errors. Within, we discuss the city of Ephesus, the conclusion of the play and our overall opinion of it.

Thanks for listening!

-Dani and Mike

Offensive Shadows Comedy Part 3

In preparation for this series of podcasts we used the BBC version of The Comedy of Errors. You can find the DVD on Netflix or here on Amazon. Like we said above though, don’t do it. Find a live version or check out the Stratford Collection’s production.

Internet Shakespeare Editions has the first folio text of Comedy here.

In case you were wondering about “the late great John Basil*”, you can check out his webpage here.

Up next on the docket will be Love’s Labour’s Lost, one of Dani’s favorite plays. There are several available film adaptations of this one:

Perhaps the most famous is the Kenneth Branagh version available from Netflix (though sadly not streamed) or here from amazon. In the interest of full disclosure, this is Dani’s favorite Shakesfilm. Mike, however, has a hard time sitting through it.

The trusty stand-by is the BBC film (also available via Netflix DVD though not streamed). Neither of our heroes have seen this version and thus cannot vouch for it in any capacity.

The version we will be watching to prepare is a recorded 2009 production from Shakespeare’s Globe in London (amazon link).

*Note, he’s not dead.


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