Dec 05

The Lamentable Tragedy of Titus Andronicus Parts III and IV

Welcome back!  Here is the second wave of our preview episodes. In these final two Titus episodes we cover Acts IV and V, then discuss our final opinions of the play. As with the first set, we would like to note that the preview episodes are rough and represent our learning process rather than a satisfactory finished product. Enjoy them, love them*, but be excited for our first set of “real” episodes beginning next week.

Next week we start our regular release schedule on Wednesday with part one of Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Thanks for listening!

-Dani & Mike


Offensive Shadows Episode 3 Titus Part 3

Offensive Shadows Episode 4 Titus Part 4

For more on the history of Rome we recommend the excellent History of Rome Podcast by Mike Duncan.

We used the Julie Taymor version of Titus as part of our preparation for this podcast. You can find it here on Amazon or on Netflix.

If you want to read any portion of the text, Internet Shakespeare Editions makes available good modern-type versions of the first folio for free. Titus is available here.

Next on our schedule is Two Gentleman of Verona. We used the BBC Films version of the play as part of our preparation. You can find the DVD on Netflix or here on Amazon.

Internet Shakespeare Editions has the first folio text of Two Gents here.


Theme Music by Matt Rosvally

Readings by Angelo Calderone

Graphics by Christopher Knowles

* Also feel free to ridicule them. I know I did while editing the audio. – Mike

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