Jan 02

The Taming of the Shrew Part I

Happy New year Offended listener!

With the new year we are starting a new play (we wish we could say thst we planned it that way because wouldn’t that make us sound super smart but alas it is merely another quirk of the temporal universe which Dani finds oh so fascinating… Mike is once more dubious).  In any case, today we present to you part one of Taming of the Shrew.  This play can be one of Shakespeare’s most difficult plays for modern audiences, but our heroes are determined to give you a fresh (or at least amusing) perspective.

So do enjoy and tune in again next week when we will once more set the feminist movement back another hundred years.

Offensive Shadows The Taming of the Shrew Part I

In preparation for this series of podcasts we used the Broadway Theatre Archive version of The Taming of the Shrew. It’s a great production of this play and as a bonus you get to see 80s B-Movie actor Marc Singer in one of his earlier works*. You can find the DVD on Netflix or here on Amazon.

Internet Shakespeare Editions has the first folio text of Shrew here.

In other Shakespeare news, the Actor’s Shakespeare Project’s production of Two Gents is still running until Jannuary 6, 2013. Details on tickets for this show can be found here.

*It’s a pretty solid performance. I like his campy 80s stuff, but he was pretty awful in some of it. In this version of Shrew Marc got some really good direction and the style of the show played to his strengths. – Mike


Readings by Angelo Calderone, Lisa Dakak, Gavin Fishman & Jennifer Tofel

Theme Music by Matt Rosvally

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